Permanent Adhesive PASTEL Saver Pack

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One of our most common requests are for pastel vinyls so we have created the Pastel Pack, perfect for those pastel projects! This pack is composed of Styletech vinyls from the 4000 series, transparent glitters and polished metal ranges.    Styletech 4000 series are a permanent adhesive vinyl, with an outdoor durability of up to 6 years. They have excellent weedabilty due to the balance of a specially formulated high performance adhesive and tighter formulated release liner. Styletech Transparent Glitter is a smooth permanent adhesive vinyl. Due to its transparency it offers vibrant glitter colour on the outside with a pale silver glitter on the adhesive side. This range is perfect for use on both indoor and outdoor applications. Styletech polished metal vinyls are a smooth permanent adhesive vinyl.

Available size –
12 Sheet pack – 12inch x 12 inch sheets, set colours as shown

Size tolerance is +/- 0.25″

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