RVC Infusible Ink Sheets – Passion (less than perfect)

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*** Please note: This batch was received with 2 tiny white dots where the ink is missing from the print. Please see image 2. All Infusible ink sheet will look dull until heat is applied and the ink is activated. The rest of the sheet is 100% as usual***


What is infusible ink? Its a little like sublimation printing – only a whole lot simpler!

Infusible ink is a special ink transfer product. Infusible ink sheets create bright, colourful designs with a smooth professional finish.

Unlike HTV, infusible ink turns to a gas when heated and fuses with the base material to create a permanent bond.  The ink dyes the fabric which means the design will be a completely flat smooth finish

RVC Infusible ink sheets are compatible with polyester fabrics and sublimation blanks. Reminder: Infusible ink sheets look dull. This is normal. As the ink is heated the colour will come out and be very vibrant!

***We recommend using high temp heat tape when using this product
High Temp Heat Tape 

Size: 12 x 12inch 

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