Why Styletech?

We simply love the quality of Styletech vinyl films. Styletech vinyls cut beautifully and are easy to weed making them perfect to work with. Plus, with so many amazing colours and finishes available, what’s not to love!


About Styletech

Styletech have been manufacturing quality vinyl products in the US for more than 30 years. They produce beautiful durable films which are fantastic to weed. Meaning you can spend more time creating and less time weeding! We stock a large range of Styletech adhesive vinyls including 4000 Series, ultra metallic glitters, opals, polished metals, fluorescents and many more.

More recently Styletech have introduced 70 new films  just for the craft market. Their transparent glitter film is the only film that is coloured glitter on the outside and silver glitter on the inside. These unique products will let your creativity run wild.