Here are some of our most frequently asked application questions


Which do you recommend for application, a home iron, easy press or a heat press?

HTV requires a combination of 3 main things, heat, time and pressure.

  • Home iron: Applying HTV with a home iron requires a little more testing than an easy press or heat press. As it doesn’t have an exact temperature screen or timer we recommend doing a test on a piece of fabric prior to commencing production of your final product. Also remember to add pressure when applying and do not move the iron around while pressing. A home iron is a cheap option and handy for application of smaller items.
  • Easy press: An easy press gives you the ability to set the application time and temperature. Simply set the time and temperature and press. It does however rely on the user applying adequate pressure. The easy press is a neat compact design which is great if you need to transport it or you are short on space.
  • Heat press: The use of a heat press eliminates the guess work. On a heat press you can set the time, temperature and pressure. Although large and heavy, the ability to set the pressure as well as the heat and time helps you perfect your application time and time again.

When applied correctly the vinyl will generally outlast the fabric. We only sell quality certified products which are safe to use on children clothing.


I’ve applied my HTV but its peeled after washing. Help!

HTV is a vinyl film which requires the correct combination of heat, time and pressure. Check the product description to ensure the correct time and temperature has been used on application. If the correct time and heat has been used, its most likely due to not enough pressure on initial application. This is more common when a home iron or an easy press has been used as they rely on manual pressure. HTV requires pressure to push the adhesive deep into the fabric so it can adequately bond to the garment/item. HTV can be repressed. Cover your HTV with a Teflon sheet or backing paper and repress for the full time and at temperature required. If using a home iron or Cricut easy press do not use an ironing board, do it on a hard flat surface so enough pressure can be achieved. If a heat press has been used, use the pressure adjuster so adequate resistance is felt when closing the heat press. 

HTV that has stretch properties such as Siser PS stretch and Euro cut HTV requires heavy application pressure

Before applying your design, press your garment for 2-3 seconds prior to application. This helps removes moisture which creates a stronger bond for HTV application.


Transfer Tape & Adhesive Vinyl Help


Why won’t the transfer tape pick up my design?

  • When applying the transfer tape, make sure the surface of the vinyl is clean. Oil from fingerprints can interfere with the application tape. Use a squeegee to barnish the design. We do not recommend the use of a credit card as they can bend and often barnish too lightly 
  • Always remove the backing paper away from the vinyl. Flip your design over so the application tape is facing the desk. Peel the backing paper away from the vinyl rather than pulling the application tape upwards.
  • Check your cut. If your vinyl cut is too deep it can push the vinyl into the cut grove of the backing paper. This causes it to grab to the backing paper making it harder for the application tape to pick up the vinyl. The aim is to achieve a kiss cut where only the vinyl is cut and the backing paper remains intact.

Why is my vinyl backing paper ripping when i remove the liner? 

Your cut is too deep. If the blade scores the backing paper it will create cut lines causing it to rip in those spots. Reduce the cut pressure until a kiss cut is achieved and the paper remains in tact.

Why is my vinyl hard to weed?

If vinyl is hard to weed its likely not cut deep enough. If the mat hasnt been ejected, do a double cut. Another option is to increase the blade pressure to achieve a kiss cut. Some vinyl films can split when weeded if the cut isn’t deep enough. Increase the cut pressure and perform a test cut prior to cutting the full design again.  

Why can’t I get my adhesive vinyl to stick?

Make sure the surface to which your applying is clean and dry. We recommend cleaning the surface with warm soapy water. After drying clean again with isopropyl alcohol prior to application. Use a lint free cloth to ensure no alcohol residue is left behind. Do not to touch the surface after cleaning. Oil from fingerprints can interfere with adhesion. Also allow 24-48 hours for the vinyl to achieve maximum adhesion.

Also keep in mind the smaller the cut the less adhesive there is for the vinyl to bond with. For items such as drink bottles we recommend using fonts on bold and avoid using ultra thin fonts on items that are handled and washed frequently. 


Feel free to contact us via the contact form if you need further help!