We stock a wide range of vinyls and understand it can be confusing to know which is which. First decide what you want to apply your vinyl to.  This will help determine the best product to use.



Permanent adhesive vinyl is used in long term applications where strong adhesion is required.

  • Usage examples: outdoor graphics, car decals, and application to kitchen item such as containers and drink bottles. They also come in a wide range of finishes such as coloured films, glitters, chromes and opals.
  • What you will need (Along with your vinyl cutter): Application tape is required for the application of adhesive vinyls as well as a weeding tool.

Our Permanent Plain Coloured Films:
Metamark M7 (long term, similar to 551)
Oracal 551 (long term, similar to M7)
Oracal 651 (medium term)
Styletech 4000 series

Our Permanent Specialty Films:
Oracal Chromes
Styletech Ultra Glitters
Styletech Transparent Glitters 
Styletech Opals
Styletech Polished Metals 
Styletech Lusters
Styletech Etch vinyls
Styletech Chrome and mist vinyls



This vinyl is used on applications where the surface may be more delicate such as pained walls or where only a short term application is required.

  • Usage examples: Wall and glass graphics and short term signage
  • What you will need (Along with your vinyl cutter): Application tape is required for the application of adhesive vinyls as well as a weeding tool.

Our Removable Plain Coloured Films:
Metamark M4
Oracal 631
Styletech 4000 series removable



Heat Transfer Vinyl (also known as HTV or iron on vinyl): HTV is a vinyl film which is applied using a combination of heat, time and pressure. It is typically applied to fabric garments such as shirts, jumpers, sportswear and bags. Which range you use depends on the type of fabric you are applying to.  Always check the fabric tag prior to application to ensure you are using the correct vinyl type. Each range has its own ideal heat/time/pressure and peeling combination so ensure to check the description on each product.

  • Usage examples: shirts, jumpers, hats, balls, shoes, bags and sports clothing
  • What you will need (Along with your vinyl cutter): Transfer tape is already directly on the HTV. The only exception is the Siser Easy patterns and patterned HTV (also printed on Siser). TTD mask is needed for the patterned HTV which is reusable and available for purchase separately.

For the most versatility we recommend:
Poli Tape Turbo – This can go on all sorts of fabrics and items including delicate and stretch items as well as your regular cotton, poly and cotton/poly blends. It also has a lower temp and shorter press time to speed up production.

For cotton, polyester and polyester blends the following ranges can be used:
Poli Tape Premium(Matte Plain coloured HTV)
Poli Tape Turbo (Matte Plain coloured HTV, reflective and metallics)
Poli Tape Pearl Glitter (Textured glitter HTV)
Poli Tape Holographic HTV
Siser Easyweed (Semi Gloss Plain coloured HTV)
Eurocut (Plain coloured HTV – matte finish)
Siser Hi-5 (Fast application HTV)
Siser glitter Moda 2 (Textured glitter HTV)
Siser Sparkle HTV (Smooth glitter)
Siser Twinkle (Smooth reflective glitter)
Siser stripflock pro (suede like texture)
Siser videoflex moda (high gloss HTV)
Siser PS lumen (glow in the dark)
Siser Easypatterns (Patterned HTV)
Siser PS foil
Siser PS Metal
Siser Stretch
Patterned vinyl
Stahls Effect and Opal Films

For lycra or spandex fabrics we recommend the following:
Siser Stretch
Eurocut HTV

For tricky fabrics such as nylon or anything waterproof we recommend:
Poli tape Turbo (not for waterproofed items)
Siser PS Extra


Feel free to contact us via the contact form if you need further help!